Sgt. Elias Mallacus "Mal"

ODST Recon. Member of the 9th Btn of the 105th UNSC Marine Special Forces serving abourt the UNSC Hercules.


Sgt. Elias Mallacus “Mal”

Level Class Exp Pts Next Level Hit Pts
2 Scout 2 1200 3000 32
Attribute Score Modifier
Str 13 +1
Dex 17 +3
Con 13 +1
Int 15 +2
Wis 12 +1
Cha 13 +1
Fort Ref Will Damage Threshold Speed Perception Initiative
16 22 13 13/15 6 +9 +9

Base Attack Bonus: +2
- Ranged +5
- Melee +3

Skills Feats Talents
Climb Shake It Off Acute Senses
Endurance Weapon Prof – Simple
Initiative Weapon Prof – Pistols
Perception Weapon Prof – Rifles
Stealth Combat Reflexes
Survival Armor Proficiency – Light
Knowledge – Tactics Improved Armor Defense

Originally from western Canada, Mal played hockey from the time he could walk. He worked his way up through the levels of Canadian Juniors, landing a spot with the Red Deer Rebels, until a brutal shoulder injury ended his playing career. After extensive rehab, Mal was told he would never make Pro.

Still being young and somewhat naive in the ways of the world, he joined the armed services. An experimental procedure gave him back his arm strength and full use of his shoulder. His natural athleticism served him well in basic training and he was soon near the top of his class.

Always a team player, Mal was also popular among his squad mates. When the opportunity came to join the ranks of the ODST, he jumped in. Feet first.

Sgt. Elias Mallacus "Mal"

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