Rules Overview

Retribution’s Thunder is a pen-and-paper version of the Xbox game, Halo, created by Bungie Studios, and published and distributed by Microsoft (currently 343 Industries).

We are huge fans of ALL of the Halo games and some of us are even bigger fans of the expanded universe of novels, comics, animation, etc. Being LONG-TIME D&D players (and other role playing games), and currently in a Star Wars Saga Ed. campaign run by El Jeffe (Pvt John Grimes here), I saw the possibilities of taking the core Star Wars Saga rules and using them for a Halo game. We really needed an existing game system that we could convert to our needs without having to write a rule set from scratch. NONE of us has that kind of time. We want to be able to pick up and play without having to learn a whole new system. I think that we have accomplished that and are up and running with some mostly successful sessions now complete.

This page will be used to list out some of the ways that we have used the Star Wars Rules for the Halo universe. It will be ever changing and never complete. Check back as we are able to add content and hopefully at some point it may be useable for someone else to start up a campaign.


Basic Rules

If you have a copy of the Star Wars: Saga Edition Core Rulebook, you have what you need to get started. Retribution’s Thunder is primarily a UNSC centric, ODST campaign. There will be no Covenant players. Just NPC enemies at this point. I started my crew out at 1st level but I limited them to either Soldier or Scout class, with the possibility of multiclassing. I did not want to make this a Spartan campaign for all the reasons that Spartans are the heroes of all the games. They are basically indestructible super-soldiers. So to introduce a more human element to the game I looked at Halo 3: ODST. Still a Bad-ass soldier, but more down to earth than a 7ft tall genetically altered human tank.

Other possible classes to consider:

Operative (ONI)
Marine (non-odst)
Indie (insurrectionist)

There are many options. Base it on a Star Wars Class that is close to the same in traits and adjust. For example, the Pilot would be a Scout, the Operative could be a Scoundrel/Soldier, the Marine a Soldier, the Scientist a Noble, etc… use your discretion.

Anything that has to do with the Force – IGNORE. It is easy to leave all force powers, classes, weapons, feats, skills and talents, right out. Just pretend they aren’t even there. You won’t miss them.

Create your characters using the standard Star Wars character generation rules for Human characters. Standard species bonuses, feats, skills, talents, etc. Everything is the same as far as the character creation is concerned. once you get to equipment, that’s when our changes kick in. We had to create the whole weapon set and balance it based on our experiences in the video game. We used the chart that was created on D&D Wiki for a different D20 set of rules, and modified it to what we thought was appropriate. Make sure that your players have the weapon proficiencies needed for each weapon group, just like in Star Wars. The ODST armor requires an Armor Proficiency as well.


We have excel sheets for this and we will attempt to post each weapon and its stats. Some are already in the items wiki:



Again, we have stats and they will be going up in the wiki shortly.

more updates on the way….

updated 3.28.12

Rules Overview

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