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The RollCage

  • hand-crafted, solid wood construction
  • customized felt interior
  • various stain finishes available
  • designed for the advanced gamer at a price the average gamer can afford
  • the RollCage is perfect for holding and rolling your dice, no matter how cluttered the table is
  • never again have to go searching under books or in a puddle of spilled drink for your dice
  • the padded interior provides perfect bounce and roll for even the most finicky of dice
  • the RollCage will make you the envy of every gamer and its size is ideal for travel

Cheap imitation dice boxes sell for as much as $27.95. These hand built beauties are available for the low price of $25 + shipping and handling. Available exclusively through Retribution’s Thunder.

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Like the old saying goes, you are never too old to learn something new. After years of gaming, I don’t know why this idea never came forth sooner. But then it happened, the light bulb moment as it were.

The table is always cluttered with books, drinks, food and sheets of paper. I could never find my dice. And even if I did, there was no place to roll them without hitting something. Thus, the RollCage.

The RollCage was designed to hold your dice and be able to roll them unimpeded. I sketched out my idea and presented it to my father to see if he could build one. He did and presented it to me for Christmas. I was blown away by it. I immediately thought of my friends and decided that I had to share this one with them.

So construction began on an additional four RollCages. After struggling through a prototype, My dad and I got the method down and I was able to quickly construct and complete the four RollCages. I think the product is so good, that it needs to be shared with the entire gaming community. So if you want to own your very own RollCage, contact me through Retribution’s Thunder and I will send you details on available colors and approximate delivery time.

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