AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun - Stationary

Stationary Heavy Machine Gun

weapon (ranged)
  • Portable Gatling turret
  • 7.62×51mm Saboted Light Armor Penetrator
  • 200 Rds when detached from Tripod.
  • Damage 3d10 (see below)
  • Range – Heavy


  • Carryable by ODST.
  • Move reduced to 1/2,
  • -5 REF
  • Shooter is Flatfooted
  • 200 available rds / 25rds used per attack.

On tripod:

  • No to-hit penalties
  • 1500 rds
  • Shooter still flatfooted
  • Enemies get +5 on rear attacks.

Damage: First round damage is 1d10 due to the time it takes for the weapon to fully spin up to maximum rate of fire. The second round and beyond of continuous fire is 3d10.


AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun - Stationary

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