The year is 2545. The war with the Covenant is in its 20th year. The UNSCDF has been losing colony after colony to the invading Covenant forces. Whole planets are glassed, leaving dead worlds behind. Humanity is on the run from a superior alien religious collective, and the human military seemingly can do nothing to stop its advance. Protecting the location of Earth becomes the singular priority, even as thousands of Earth’s military forces are sent to their deaths in futile attempts to win precious victories on the ground, and in space. Even the legendary Spartans have not stemmed the tide of Covenant. Now, desperately, humans must find a way to win, survive… or fade forever as a species into extinction.

This is Retribution’s Thunder.


Prologue: Rest When You’re Dead

Session 1: FIRST DROP

Session 2: Whiskey 077

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Retribution's Thunder

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